When an error or problem occurs on a client system or server, the service technicians and admins need immediate information about the system status. Which processes and services are running on the system? What is listed in the event log? Which network configuration does the system use? All these questions can be answered in seconds with DeskCenter Real-time System Management and problems can be analyzed more efficiently. If necessary, the System Management assists you to change the configurations of the system in a fast and reliable method. Processes can be cancelled or started, services can be configured, print jobs can be stopped and much more. Active Scripting Toolbox Active Scripting is a popular tool for administrators. The System Manager optimizes the use of scripts with the Active Scripting Toolbox. You can use the Active Scripting Toolbox to create own extensions for the System Management with the scripting languages VBS (Visual Basic Script) and C#. The system manager also supports variables. These variables can be used to access already available information. With the Quickscript function (an option in the context menu), all scripts can be executed instantly on computers, components or users. A lot of useful scripts are already included in the DeskCenter Management Suite. With this powerful feature, you can create own objects in the Active Directory, build terminal connections, read out Microsoft license keys (e.g. MS Office), start the web console of a printer and much more. Having such wide applicability in system management makes the DeskCenter Management Suite a very powerful tool. You are able to use all commands that can be run on a workstation, remotely and in real time. For more information about the usage of Active Scripting visit the Microsoft® TechNet Website. Remote Control Remote desktop is a solution that is used to connect to a remote system so that you can see that system's desktop and interact with it remotely. Users often need help when using a software application or support to solve problems. Remote control is an ideal way for administrators to manage the desktops and servers in a network. This simplifies the remote support considerably.